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Megan McDonough
Owner/Founder, White Olive Design

After receiving her BFA degree in design at Miami University Megan developed her design expertise—from production positions through to Associate Creative Director—over the course of 16 years working for such noted design agencies as Deskey, Lipson and Benchmark before striking out on her own more than 14 years ago. Experienced in packaging, print and web Megan has served a wide range of both B2C and B2B clients like P&G, HealthPro Brands, Ohio Association of Realtors, Kroger, Aurora Casket, KAO Brands and many more.

B2C Client Experience
  • HealthPro Brands (Fit)
  • CR Brands (Biz & Oxydol)
  • Aurora Casket Company
  • Procter & Gamble
  • KAO Brands
  • Kroger
  • Dewey’s Pizza

B2B Client Experience
  • Ohio Association of Realtors
  • Astral Industries
  • Queen City Angels
  • Wiesnkoenig USA



Updating funeral urn catalog with new/more contemporary photography, graphic design and content presentation.


Conducted industry-wide research which included gaining an understanding that urns’ growing popularity with the public was forcing funeral homes to focus more attention on them versus the more profitable caskets. This was an opportunity for Aurora to take a leadership position and help funeral homes understand how best to present and market urns to their clients (scattering, burial, keepsake etc.) The concept was developed based on our industry research and was likened to a “pottery barn” look where each element/category was dramatized/brought to life through high-quality and thoughtful photography. We added an introductory section that educated funeral staff as well as the grieving families about the different urn options while creating nomenclature that flowed throughout the catalog. The content enhancements helped both staff and families during the decision making process.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—not only was Aurora delighted with the catalog as it helped position them as a force to be reckoned with in the industry—two years later Batesville Casket co. (#1 in this region) adopted a similar approach for their catalog.