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Paul Schliesser
Owner/Founder, Pixel Panache

Paul has been using computers to produce artwork professionally since the 1970s. He has worked with large corporations, small businesses and non-profits, both in the US and in Europe. His experience includes new logo designs, websites, signage, trade show displays, packaging, brochures and advertisements. Paul has been instrumental in creating attractive and effective emails because of his considerable experience in html coding coupled with his design credentials. He is also a skilled photographer; often shooting images for clients’ websites and marketing materials.

B2C Client Experience
  • Viacom New Media
  • Hamilton Stands
  • Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
  • Summit Financial Services
  • Talbot House

B2B Client Experience
  • REDI Cincinnati
  • Zumbiel Packaging
  • GE Aircraft Engines
  • CFM International
  • Aero Fulfillment Services
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Mesa Industries
  • Cintas
  • Rhinestahl Corporation
  • STEP Resources, Energy Advisers



Cincinnati Bell wanted to increase sales of their high-speed internet service (Fioptics) among small to medium businesses in the Cincinnati market - but the budget was limited.


We developed a speed themed series of targeted communications (small full-color postcards and corresponding emails) leveraging a personalization option that allowed us to offer internet speeds specific to a each individual address—making the communications much more effective than the usual "up to X Mbps" message most internet providers used. This high level of personalization generate a much higher response than was anticipated.


The entire campaign cost less than $4,500 and yet generated more than $56,000 in revenue